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About Us
Before you ever see them...   Better made...   Better priced...   Any paperback in print can be made into an Everbind...
Their Price: $16.80
Our Price: $14.10

Their Price: $12.89
Our Price: $10.50

Everbind re-manufactures paperback books from all the publishers into sewnbound hard cover books guaranteed to last indefinitely in the classroom.

Indefinite guarantee: the binding will outlast the paper. If the pages are torn out of the book, the guarantee does not apply. But if the binding comes apart, we will repair or replace the book ... forever!
Our competitors (Perma-Bound, FollettBound, etc.): usually they only sew their thin K-2 books. We sew nearly all our books ... K-12 ... with strong bookbinders thread before putting them into hard covers!

Some of the books we re-manufacture, the paperback publishers have left us so little gutter margin that we canít sew those books without making the type too close to the gutter. For just those books, we double-fan, coldadhesive bind those books, but our same indefinite guarantee applies.

Save $1, $2, $3 or more per book! The insides are the same for all prebinders. Page 57 of our competitors' books will be the same as page 57 of our book. (They are re-manufacturing the same paperbacks we are.) But they overcharge. And we don't.
If you donít see a title in this catalog that you would like to use in your classroom. And if it is available in paperback. And if you are willing to order just 5 or more copies. We will go out and buy it and bind it just for you. Call 800-842-4234 for a quote.