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Book Titles: Reference: Thesauruses for the Primary & Elementary Grades
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[details] American Heritage Essential Student Thesaurus, The American Heritage Editors Secondary 18280179 $ 9.87
[details] Clear and Simple Thesaurus Dictionary, The
Harriet Wittels and Joan Greisman Elementary, Middle 48443096 $ 13.41
[details] First Thesaurus, A Harriet Wittels and Joan Greisman Primary, Elementary 07158352 $ 11.30
[details] Kingfisher First Thesaurus, The George Beal and Jane Hyman, Editors Primary 53458082 $ 13.67
[details] Kingfisher Illustrated Pocket Thesaurus, The George Beal Elementary, Middle 53461174 $ 12.67
[details] Simon and Schuster Young Readers' Thesaurus, The George Beal Elementary, Middle 71508166 $ 12.00
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