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[details] Adventures of Tom Sawyer Everbind Anthology, The (With 13 Related Readings) Mark Twain Middle, Secondary 71075665 $ 8.99
[details] All Quiet on the Western Front Everbind Anthology (With 25 Related Readings) Erich Maria Remarque Secondary 72976565 $ 8.89
[details] Black Boy Everbind Anthology (With 15 Related Readings) Richard Wright Secondary 71075672 $ 10.94
[details] Brave New World Everbind Anthology (With 14 Related Readings) Aldous Huxley Secondary 71075696 $ 9.77
[details] Red Badge of Courage Everbind Anthology, The (With 28 Related Readings) Stephen Crane Secondary 72976541 $ 8.89
[details] Scarlet Letter Everbind Anthology, The (With 11 Related Readings) Nathaniel Hawthorne Secondary 71075611 $ 8.23
[details] Tale of Two Cities Everbind Anthology, A (With 11 Related Readings) Charles Dickens Secondary 71075627 $ 8.89
[details] Their Eyes Were Watching God Everbind Anthology (With 19 Related Readings) Zora Neale Hurston Secondary 72976503 $ 10.72
[details] Things Fall Apart
Everbind Anthology (With 15 Related Readings)
Chinua Achebe Secondary 72976534 $ 8.89
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