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Everbind Edition
[details] View from Saturday, The 89817212 $ 10.60 $ 13.28 $ 12.72
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The comparison prices shown on these pages should be used to get a general sense of comparative prices, not for ordering. Prospective customers should comparison shop at the time of ordering. These prices were taken from the websites of the three companies in October 2014. When comparing prices, customers should remember that, while Perma-Bound and FollettBound will ship you just one copy of a book, Everbind does not sell fewer than five of a title. THIS YEAR HOWEVER EVERBIND'S 5-COPY MINIMUM IS WAIVED FOR THE BOOKS ON THESE COMPARE-PRICES PAGES. Prospective customers should note that Perma-Bound includes shipping as part of its book price. Everbind and FollettBound keep the shipping expense separate and easily identifiable on your invoices.

The shipping expense that will be added to each book by Everbind is fixed by location, as follows: AK 15%; AL 6%; AR 8%; AZ 8%; CA 8%; CO 8%; CT 4%; DC 6%; DE 6%; FL 6%; GA 6%; HI 15%; IA 8%; ID 8%; IL 6%; IN 6%; KS 8%; KY 6%; LA 6%; LI 4%; MA 4%; MD 6%; ME 6%; MI 8%; MN 8%; MO 8%; MS 6%; MT 8%; NC 6%; ND 8%; NE 8%; NH 6%; NJ 4%; NM 8%; NV 8%; NY 4%; OH 6%; OK 8%; OR 8%; PA 6%; RI 4%; SC 6%; SD 8%; TN 8%; TX 8%; UT 8%; VA 6%; VT 6%; WA 8%; WI 8%; WV 6%; WY 8%. We believe that Follett adds a flat 10% shipping charge to each invoice; check with Follett to confirm. (Note that under the Everbind and Follett systems jurisdictions that must pay sales tax to their states are not required to pay sales tax on their shipping expenses.) Regarding the FollettBound price listed on these pages: Follett charges by quantity brackets. The price listed on this comparison pages is from its "25-49 copies" bracket. If you order fewer, it will cost you more per book. If you order more it will cost you a bit less per book. Rarely is Follett's best price (the "500+ copies" bracket) as low as Everbind's everyday price. Do comparison shop before ordering. When there are many editions of the same title available, Everbind attempted to be careful to compare like editions; but it is sometimes difficult to be sure that the various companies are using the same edition. Again, customers should comparison shop a particular edition in which they are interested with each company at the time of ordering. If a listed book could not be found by Everbind on the other companies' websites or if we were particularly unsure if the edition listed was the same that we have priced above than an "NA" is found in that record for "no applicable comparison in these pages possible; please comparison shop with each company before ordering."