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Find Sets: Reluctant Reader Classroom Sets
All prices and availabilities subject to change without notice; but if there is a price change, we will not ship at the higher price until we check with you. Each set contains one of each book listed. If a book becomes unavailable, we will ship the set short of that book and automatically adjust the price of the set.

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[details] Books for Reluctant 5th Grade Readers RR05 $ 165.48
[details] Books for Reluctant 6th Grade Readers RR06 $ 176.24
[details] Books for Reluctant 7th Grade Readers RR07 $ 269.19
[details] Books for Reluctant 8th Grade Readers RR08 $ 260.81
[details] Books for Reluctant 9th Grade Readers RR09 $ 240.80
[details] Books for Reluctant 10th Grade Readers RR10 $ 280.89

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